Hobbyist Artist


Hello, I'm mie. I've been drawing digitally for 10+ years, focusing mainly on anime-style character art. I currently do character illustrations and Vtuber models (art only).


[email protected]




Please email me for commercial work.
Include request, outline, and references.

Vtuber Live 2D Model Art (PSD only)
Chibi Full Body - $500 USD
Half Body - $700 - $800 USD
Full Body - $900 - $1000+ USD
Start/End/BRB Stream Illustrations
Start Stream - $500 USD
End Stream - $500 USD
BRB - $500 USD
Start/End Stream - $900 USD
Complete Package (3 Illusts) - $1300

Colored sketch

Lineart and Full Color


Terms of Service

All payments are to be made in USD or CAD via PAYPAL
All payments made upfront.
Payment plans can be discussed for commercial projects ONLY (50% upfront, 50% after rough sketch approval)
Projects under $600 USD must be paid in full prior to beginning.
NO REFUNDS after the first WIP (sketch) has been approved by the commissioner.
Add Ons
+$15 Simple BG (simple effects/lighting/coloring)
+$10 - $15 for simple props/items
+$10 - $20 for complex character designs
May ask for up to 3 minor revisions free of charge. (Does not apply if the artist forgot a detail provided in the initial reference.)
+$10 USD per revision after.

OK: Kemonomimi
NO: Furries, IRL/Old people, Mecha/Armor, NSFW
Solo characters ONLY

Estimated Work Period: 1-2 months (unless contacted otherwise)
Vtuber Models: 1-3 months
1st WIP - Rough sketch (no refund after client approval)
2nd WIP - Lineart and base color
If you do not receive a PayPal invoice within 48 hours of sending in an application, please feel free to contact me via my socials or email.

Terms and Conditions- I have the right to refuse your commission if I feel it would not suit my style or if I think I cannot draw it well. I will email you in the case that I do reject your commission request.
- All artwork is to be used for NON-COMMERCIAL/NON-PROFIT purposes only (unless properly inquired beforehand).
- I reserve all rights to the artwork, including, but not limited to: distribution, reproduction, and self-promotion.
- I may post the artworks on any social media platform or use it in portfolios (unless requested otherwise).
- No refunds after first WIP sketch is approved by commissioner.
- Refunds requested before the first WIP sketch is approved will receive a full refund if I have not yet started, otherwise 15% of the total price will be subtracted to account for the work already done.
- For sketch commissions, full refunds can only be offered if I have not yet started.
- Copyright to the artwork is not transferred to the commissioner/client unless commercial fees have been paid.
- Usage of the artwork for a monetized Twitch channel (ie banners/overlays/emotes etc.) or a monetized Youtube video will be charged commercial prices. This does not apply for icons or profile pics.
- Edits made to the artwork without the artist's permission are strictly prohibited.
- Reselling Vtuber models is strictly prohibited unless permission has been given by both the artist and rigger.
- All products will be delivered exclusively digitally in the form of a PNG, PDF, PSD, OR JPEG.
- Uploading the artwork to any blockchain-related technology/network (including NFTs, Cryptocurrency, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
- Usage of the artwork in AI programs without the artist's permission is STRICTLY prohibited.
- If the commissioner wishes to use the artwork in an AI program, they will be required to pay a commercial fee equivalent to a fully rendered illustration ($600+USD), no matter what type of commission they have requested.